Unleash Your Impact:

Transform the World with Our Exclusive 'Impact Memes' NFT Collection

Uncover the fusion of art, purpose, and blockchain technology. Our NFT collections, 'Impact Memes' and 'Fund the Renaissance', are more than just collectibles - they're an investment into a future of change. Each token brings you privileges and roles within the burgeoning Impact Ecosystem. Embrace your power, make an impact, and join us in pioneering the era of the Impact-Based Economy.​​​​​​​

Investing in our NFTs doesn't just give you ownership of unique digital art. It brings you closer to our cause and allows you to play an active role in building a better future. From beta access to apps and dApps to VIP upgrades at events, owning these NFTs is an investment in a movement that truly matters.

Owning an Impact Meme has been a game-changer. Not only do I get to own an exceptional piece of art, but I also have the opportunity to influence the Impact Ecosystem.

Future Primo User // This could be You //

The Collections

Impact Memes

Freedom¿ //

This exclusive NFT, limited to just one mint, is a symbol of status and privilege within the Impact Ecosystem. As the General of the Renaissance, you'll influence the evolution of our system, guiding our growth and expansion. The auction starts at 10 ETH. Join us and claim your legacy.

Forest Ranger Theo //

As the holder of this NFT, you become a Captain of the Renaissance. You'll have a founding seat in the creation of the Impact Protocol genesis token and lead the community in our quest for an Impact-Based Economy. Available for a flat rate of 10 ETH with only 10 editions available, this token offers a rare opportunity to pioneer change.

Can you Feel it? //

Unlock the Primo-User status with this NFT. You'll gain early access to Beta tests for our groundbreaking Renaissance Analytics Apps and a share of the platform's impact via the TIP Genesis Token. Priced at 10 ETH, only three editions of this impactful token are available.


Step into the arena of impact with our 'Fund the Renaissance' NFT collection. These tokens may not offer the same privileges as the Impact Memes, but they are an integral part of our crowdfunding efforts to end human trafficking. By investing in this collection, you'll be aiding in the development of blockchain technologies designed to transform the world.